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Alopecia, its associated troubles and Treatment

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Autoimmune disorder instigates hair to go weak; your hair follicle gets affected because of your fragile immune system of the body. Hair fall can be different for different people and also depends upon the density of original hair, you see a lot of hair in your comb, on the pillow or in the shower drain, and these are foremost symptoms of alopecia.

In traction alopecia, hair is stretched and comes under shear forces when an individual suddenly tights by applying a pulling force to give a shape like a ponytail, braid or any other depends upon hairstyle.

More reasons:

Many other reasons are prevalent that incites hair follicle to die in like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and thyroid disease, in some cases due to family heredity; it gets transformed to next generation. For many people problem is temporary and hair grow again aftercare within a year and no treatment is fixed for a new patient, for some, a minor care can cure the problem.

Different hairstyles and techniques to tie hair like in some communities it is needed to tie hair in the form of a tight bun can be the reason why bald patches are appearing on the scalp.

Regardless of the gender it can happen to anybody but it is rare in children below 3 years unless the problem is not in genes, everybody needs to take care of hair as it is the most attractive part of the first look. Hair weight and density have been considered the valid reason for traction alopecia. In case, any individual tie hair in rollers overnight then due to weight follicles get weak and eventually become unable to grow further.

No matter this can happen to people from any ethnicity but it is more prevalent in African societies where they need to tie in the form of bun. Nevertheless, some professionals also have traction alopecia problems like gymnasts as they need to put hair up in tight bun.

Associated consequences:

Bald patches bring a lot of mental tension along with look distractions, no one wants to compromise on such an issue which is closely linked to your identity not only in your personal life but in your social contacts as well. Many physical problems are seen as itching, scaling, redness or bumps after suffering through traction alopecia.

Some tips which can help to keep away Traction alopecia:

Do not tie your hair in rolls and not sleep overnight instead wears something to collect hair, avoid the chemical usage and limit the use of hair relaxers. Moreover, keep changing your hairstyle every week this will give some degree of freedom to hair to remain in natural pace.


Early precautions are the best prevention in this case, although you need to see a dermatologist if you think loosing hair patches alongside your hairlines, the doctor may take tissue test of your scalp to suggest you a better treatment or can give you a prescription of antibiotics to keep away fungal infection etc. Readers might be happy to know that traction alopecia is reversible in nature if you notice it early and change your hairstyle but if it has been too late to adopt this natural method then hair transplant is a solution for sure.