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Are You in Need of a Hair Transplant? Just Head to India

Are You in Need of a Hair Transplant? Just Head to India

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When we unfold the despicable tales of androgenetic alopecia, or what is also termed as hair loss, women are described as perpetual victims, but men too are on the verge of collapsing psychologically. The issue of baldness isn’t sparing any male or female in the current era, leaving the perplexed ones with no option but to obtain a hair transplant in order to rejuvenate their lives.

As hair transplant studies take their course, India has been identified as the top hair transplant destination for cost-effective procedures. In fact, other rivalry destinations like Turkey and Singapore are incomparable to India when it comes to affordable hair transplant packages and standard outcomes. According to a study, these are some of the factors that influence patients to opt for India when it comes to hair transplantation;

  • An Array of Advanced Hair Restoration Technologies

India pioneers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures. Among the latest non-surgical approaches, organic hair transplantation is currently a trend that requires a surgeon to inject a prepared mixture that contains a patient’s stem cells and fatty tissue into the balding region. This approach works by nourishing the scalp as well as the hair follicles to trigger healthy hair growth. The approach can also be utilized after a hair transplant and certainly works wonders.

Among the commonly performed hair transplant procedures is the FUE technology where individual hair follicles are either harvested and directly implanted into the bald region or first treated in the laboratory to boost hair growth. Another excellently performed hair transplant technique is the FUT that delivers excellent results that are surely undetectable. These cutting-edge hair transplant approaches are conducted with world-class protocols for total safety.

  • Licensed hair transplant clinics.

There is an array of hair transplant centres that conduct natural hair transplants. All hair transplant procedures take place in a hygienically preserved environment using sterilized tools to prevent infection. Similarly, such approaches inspire patients to return for any additional hair treatments such as beard hair transplants. However, there is also a need to primarily understand the reputation of a hair transplant centre before a patient finally undergoes one in any. This is because there are various hair transplant centres that are not fully approved by the medical authorities and certainly, their success records automatically differ.

  • Hair Transplant Cost Terms

This is definitely a major factor as to why patients opt for India or Asia over Europe when it comes to hair transplant procedures. When we are to analyze the cost difference between India and Europe, a patient may end up saving Rs. 30, 000 on an average hair transplant in India. There are also various cost-reduction services provided by India’s hair transplant centres such as free pick up and drop off at the airport, food, and accommodation.

  • Quality Outcomes

Every hair transplant procedure is defined by the outcomes. To facilitate so, a thorough evaluation must be conducted and blood tests are taken to evaluate the patient’s general health. There are various medical conditions that could compromise with the patient’s post-op recovery and general results and these include diabetes, poor blood clotting or wound healing. Understanding a patient’s medical status helps alleviate such hair transplant limitations.