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Are You Balding? Effective Care Tips for Your Hair

Are You Balding? Effective Care Tips for Your Hair

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Let your father or grandpa benefit from the modern era of computers, tablets, and iPhones. This is how! Young individuals are generally inquisitive and in one way or another, they tend to find solutions to common issues than their parents. Probably by reading this and passing on this vital information to your father or grandpa can reduce his chances or rate of balding.

Effective Scalp & Care Tips for Balding Men

One fact remains that no one ever wakes up and desire to become bald, but environmental, medical and lifestyle factors can trigger baldness directly or indirectly. These are considered effective and vital tips for controlling or combating baldness;

  1. Take Action as soon as possible

A majority of males experience hair thinning and will only keep tight hoping that the condition will fade with time. This is the major cause of baldness in males. Consider visiting a dermatologist as soon as you witness hair thinning at the temples or crown region.

2. Effective Treatment Measures

Consider a hair loss treatment immediately in case of a receding hairline or thinning temples. This is crucial in case an individual has been ill or taking medications that can trigger hair loss. Possible hair loss treatments (non-surgical) include Minoxidil, Finasteride, Mesotherapy, PRP therapy and injections (in case of alopecia areata).

3. Dietary Measures

Hair loss can generally be controlled with effective dietary measures, especially Telogen effluvium and Anagen effluvium. High protein foods such as eggs, fish, chicken, meat, and lentils aid in keratin production, a form of a protein responsible for hair growth. Similarly, fruits and green vegetables are recommended to provide several nutrients for hair growth. In addition, DHT blockers like Saw Palmetto, pumpkin seeds, and green tea are effective in controlling androgenetic alopecia.

4. Hair Care Routine

Via anti-hair fall shampoos and oils, you can control onset levels of hair loss. Specifically, anti-hair loss oils are some of the best DHT blockers to preserve your hairline. You will also find that vitamin supplements among others, will facilitate hair growth in the shortest time possible.

5. Hair Styling

Since you struggle to hide your bald spot, it is essential that you opt for those free hairstyles. Wearing a hat on a daily basis is one of the commonest ways of losing hair in some individuals, so consider other approaches to hide your bald. Avoid combing your hair while wet as this may only escalate your level of hair loss.

6. It’s time to grow some facial hair

Growing facial hair will indirectly transfer people’s eyes to your beard, mustache or sideburns. In the real sense, facial hair makes a man look younger and more attractive and this will certainly relieve you from stress. Growing facial hair is a trend to consider in this era of hair loss.