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Can Hair Transplant Gives You Natural Look Or Not?

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Hair loss is the most distressing situation in both men and women. Both are looking for the natural and the beautiful hairs. Hair transplant is the best option but the naturalness of the hairs can be achieved to some extent.

Hair transplant is the surgical procedure that involves the implantation of the hair roots from the donor area to the baldness area. The hair roots mostly contain one to four hairs. The implantation of the hair roots will follow the natural pattern. Creation of the hairline is important for the bald people. This is the one form of the signature of the hair transplant surgeon. Hairline should be created and placed according to the age of the patient. If your surgeon will give you the Low hairline, then this will definitely give you the transplanted look. This is the interesting fact that hairline will be retained for the long period of the time. We are responsible for transplanting the permanent hairs. When you grow old, this will also give you the old look.

What are the important factors that help to give you the natural look?

Following are the factors that are responsible for giving you the natural look. If your surgeon will implant two or three hair roots in front of the hairline, this will look unnatural. This is vital to implant the hairline in one hair root. This will provide you the natural and fine appearance.

  • Design in an irregular manner: Your hairline should be designed in an irregular manner, not in the straight line manner.
  • Design in low to high density: Your hairs should be developed from low to high density as we are going to cover the mid-scalp area.
  • Frontal forelock: The next important work that your surgeon would like to design is the frontal forelock. This should be implanted in two or three hair roots but in high density.
  • Blunt Front temporal angles: Front temporal angles must be blunt in females. But in male members, it should not be blunt, otherwise, it will look unnatural.
  • 50% of the natural look is achieved: It is not possible to get the normal density with the hair transplant but 50% of the natural look can be achieved with the hair transplant.

This is the most important fact that the donor’s hairs are limited. So, it is vital to use this in the best possible way in order to get the best results. In our centre, we will provide the best hair transplant in India. In the FUE hair transplant, we take the follicles from the beard or chest also. The hairs of the beard are rich in quantity. This is commonly known as the Body hair transplant (BHT). In our centre, we provide the best hair loss treatment in India. We transplant 5000 grafts in the two days. These grafts will be the combination of the scalp, chest and the beard donor area.