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Can My Shaved Head Lead To Permanent and Complete Baldness

Can My Shaved Head Lead To Permanent and Complete Baldness

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In fashion world, seeing bald heads is quite common but people may have their own different reasons for shaving heads some shave for style, some shave due to family rituals and some may shave to hide their thing hair.

If you have also shaved your head and is worried about it that it can lead to permanent and complete baldness then you are wrong there is nothing to worry as such as your shaved head can to cause permanent or complete hair loss.

Why shaved head is different from bald head?

Why shaved head is different from bald head?

To understand the difference between both lets understand first the anatomy of hair. Our hair grows beneath the skin from deep follicles which rests in the deep dermis.  one thing is clear that hair grows several millimeters deep through the dermis and epidermis and then come outside on the skin surface. It simple words, our hair grows from the follicles which resides underneath the skin.

When you shave your head then cutting of hair happens above the skin surface means you lop-off hair several millimeters above than the hair follicles. It means that your shaving of head cannot harm your hair follicles or even we can say hair follicles cannot even know about hair cutting. Even shaving of head is similar like the regular hair cut and you can have your hair back similarly according to your normal hair cycle.

Opposite to that bald head can be due to dead or deactivate hair follicles and which can be due to some health conditions, stress, hormonal disturbance and many other reasons. Baldness can be permanent hair loss and which can due to interruption in normal hair follicles.

So it is complete rumor that you cannot have your hair back after shaving head and even it is also myth that you can have darker or thicker hair after shaving. Both the things are just myths not facts as after shaving you can have your hair back as you were having before however growth of hair can be different between two persons after shaving as their hair follicles will grow as their normal hair cycle phase.