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Commonly Asked Questions About FUE Hair Transplant & Their Suitable Answers

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By evaluating the awesome benefits of transplantation and the vivid examples set by numerous celebrities like Salman Khan, David Beckham, Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Kapil Sharma, Sylvester Stallone, and Mel Gibson, one will come to a conclusion of trying the technique to combat baldness and begin another chapter in life.

The natural outcomes of a hair transplant that also boost individual looks and self-esteem are the fundamental reasons for undergoing a hair transplant. Meanwhile, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most conducted type of hair transplantation around the globe as it is considered minimally invasive.

How Does FUE Restore Hair?

The highly specialized technique utilizes micro punches that are meticulously utilized by the hair surgeon to extract individual hair follicles from the donor region of the scalp or the body (beard, chest, and hands). These individual follicles are then aesthetically inserted into the tiny holes in the recipient region (bald) to recover hair.

The implanted hair follicles will fall out after the surgery, leaving behind roots that facilitate new hair growth. Your hair will systematically follow the natural hair growth cycle like before.

How Many FUE Procedures are required for a Fuller Head?

According to the Norwood-Hamilton scale, seven hair loss stages are illustrated with the first two stages considered reversible by non-surgical approaches. From the third stage, there happens to be a deep symmetrical recession at the temples and hair loss at this stage is completely noticeable. Patients under this category may undergo a single FUE procedure to attain a fuller head, whereas those in following stages will certainly require two or more procedures.

How Much does it Cost?

A quotation is commonly provided after an assessment depicting the number of grafts and procedures required. Generally, a patient’s level of baldness highly influences the cost and also, body hair transplants are significantly more costly than the actual FUE procedure that involves transferring hair follicles from one region of the scalp to another. A single FUE hair transplant procedure may cost a patient between Rs. 45, 000 and Rs. 90, 000.

Who is the Suitable Candidate?

The FUE technique presents a wide margin, but one’s donor supply may impose a barrier. In addition, patients below the age of 24 are advised to try oral medications, therapies, and supplements to restore their hair or to stabilize the donor region. To know your candidacy, a consultation is required.

What Should a Patient Expect After the Surgery?

During the post-operative period, you will certainly experience swelling, redness, minor bleeding, and pain. All these occur temporarily and following the surgeon’s guidelines can reduce their effect. Medications to relieve pain, and antibiotics to eliminate chances of an infection are recommended.

How Long is the Downtime?

Commonly, patients are able to resume their duties within two days as long as long as they follow the provided instructions. Patients are advised to keep the scalp clean, i.e. free of dust and sweat.