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Fade Away your Predicament about Deciding Hair Transplant

Fade Away your Predicament about Deciding Hair Transplant

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Selecting a right treatment and their consequences in advance can be a challenging part for any patient who is suffering from baldness, various procedures and measures are inundated on internet and doctors manual about predictions and best possible solution for any sufferer; he or she may also find inability and can be sceptical about these techniques but at the same time their proneness and rate of losing hair shall instigate to go for such treatments, ultimately patient left with no option but to pick any suitable treatment.

Then what next?

Patient should go for self-analysis and doctor consultations about choosing an effective medication with least side effects and at the same time must review the expert guidance that whether it will lead to fruition or not ?

Clinical tests like biopsy, DNA could be beneficial to understand the fertility of scalp and shortcomings in it to lessen the chances of doubtfulness.

Further, doctor may recommend to go for FUE or FUT when you decide it fully to undergo surgery, these are two treatment available to cure male pattern baldness. Many other medications like PRP (platelet rich plasma) to be continued along with hair transplant of any kind to increase the chances of graft survival and void created by plucking the hair from back of scalp which are to be transplanted on bald areas, one can have angst that the donor areas of scalp will not have same density of hair as before donation to bald area but keep in mind the expert will not let it happen; the back scalp positions are sparsely affected by hormones, thus hair will regrow as before.

Readers can discuss with the doctor the best-fit option for their severity of problem and their pros and cons post-surgery patients also refrained from intake of other medicines and alcohol consumption sometimes, if needed.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), surgeon uses very fine and tiny needles to perform it and it can be achieved in single extended session or multi-sittings depending upon the case, it is more intricate than strip surgery while in Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), surgeon shreds the back scalp skin with hair follicles to anatomize to different grafts at recipient site, it is a traditional technique but still in vogue, doctor decides which procedure can be beneficial as per patients requirement, medical and financial conditions to fetch best results with personal skill set.

Many other procedures are there if any patient meets his/her problem with the treatment such as Androgenic alopecia, reconstruction on any site like eyebrows.

(BHT), body hair transplantation can also be a solution for many patients who are deprived of hair on their backside of scalp; hairs can be taken from wherever available like chest, shoulder, legs, and backside of chest. BHT requires more of expertise to perform this.

Patient needs to adopt some precautionary measures post-surgery like not to use un-prescribed shampoo or any other hair care product or device for the next 2- 3 days. He or she needs to be careful at least 10 -12 days, then afterwards things will soon assist you to rock in your personal and social life.