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Why is it that FUE Hair Transplant Surgeons Utilize Different Extraction Tools?

Why is it that FUE Hair Transplant Surgeons Utilize Different Extraction Tools?

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There are basically two hair transplant techniques known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), also known as Follicular Unit Excision and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), also known as the strip surgery. The Follicular Unit Extraction is generally termed as a superior hair transplant technique since it results in minor scarring. In the modern era, patients walk in for an FUE hair transplant surgery without fear or hesitation and firmly convinced of the natural results.

The FUE technique is basically performed using a specialized surgical instrument known as micropunch, which tames the size of scars to minimal levels or dot-like appearances. However, when we are to take a closer look at the way FUE hair transplant surgeries are performed, there are various micro-punches of different types, sizes and related extraction tools utilized during the FUE surgery.

Why is that So?

Unlike the strip surgery where a blade is used to cut a strip of hair follicles from the donor region, FUE hair transplant surgeons or physicians utilize varying extraction tools to collect individual hair from the donor region. Talking to some hair transplant surgeons, we came up with various factors that influence a surgeon’s utilization of surgical extraction devices in FUE and these include;

  • Aim

  • Experience

  • Comfort

  • Speed

  • Benefits associated with a particular extraction device

Generally, technology continually evolves, which results in better devices which are sophisticated as well. With this, a surgeon will utilize an FUE device depending on his experience or expertise and the benefits a device offers. However, it is also important to note that each device is also associated with its own limitations that a surgeon must be aware of before conducting the surgery.

In addition, the FUE surgical tools also come in a variety of models, meaning that utilizing the latest model requires the surgeon or physician to attain experience. Similarly, the cost of these devices differs, which means that the surgeon must purchase the tools as per his or her own purchasing power.

Graft Extraction & Implantation in FUE

Extracting and implanting grafts in FUE is a critical process since it is associated with higher rates of follicular units damage. Planning is necessary prior to the surgery regarding the procedure of graft extraction, implantation and the type of tools to utilize depending on the patient’s hair anatomy.

During the FUE surgery, surgeons utilize micropunches of different diameters to extract the grafts and at the end, these grafts may either be transferred to the laboratory or directly implanted in the recipient region.

An ‘Implanter’, a specialized tool/device in the pen-like shape and appearance is utilized during the FUE surgery. This implanter has a hollow part that enables a surgeon to load numerous hair grafts by grasping the upper portion of the hair graft with the help of forceps. Similarly, the implanters also come in various models and capacity. In addition, their benefits and limitations vary. Cutting-edge devices like these have facilitated superior hair transplant results, but they have to be utilized after training for natural results.