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Is Hair transplant Procedure safe?

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Like any other medical procedure,even hair transplant comes with a possibility of risk. So safety is at stake, albeit in a few number of cases. Generally speaking, the hair transplant procedures done in India by experienced professionals are safe and show excellent results.

The hazards crop up when there is a compromise on parameters like technique, when the center has not been keeping up with, certification, hygiene, skills, regulation. These lapses may be encountered in all countries, but it’s a possibility in the India. too.

The following points, if not kept in mind, might pose a hazard to your hair transplant surgery:-

  1. A surgery gone all wrong due to the inexperience of the concerned doctor. His lack of skill might ruin your surgery and your case as well.

  2. If the doctor uses punch technique, you might end up with excessive scars in your concerned area.

  3. Getting infection in the affected area due to exposure to germs. This is undoubtedly a side effect of lack of hygiene during the procedure.

  4. Mental trauma related to mismanagement of the whole process could lead to an ironical bout of hair loss.


There are some guidelines given below .Just follow these to ensure a safe and healthy hair transplant procedure:-

1. Photographically proven track record of the surgeon

Go through the pictures of previous patients of the potential surgeon. A thorough examination of the pre and post surgery pictures is the clearest index of the talent and finesse of the surgeon.

2 ISHRS Certification

International Society Of Hair Restoration certificate it is mandatory for the surgeon to get this certification ensure that your surgeon has this certificate. It is definite indication that the surgeon in question is a skilled and experienced professional.

3. The best of everything

Get the best doctor to perform the surgery in the best infra structure. The hygiene and sanitation maintained in the India are considered to be the best in the world. The same goes about the doctors.

4. Follow the guidelines

Take good post operative care of the operated area to prevent it from getting infected. Maintain hygiene in the operated area.