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Hair Transplantation Is The Miracle For The Bald People

Hair transplantation is the miracle for the bald people.

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Initially, Hair transplantation is usually performed in the 19th century. This procedure has been adopted by a large number of the people from the last 100 of the years. Hair transplantation is usually misunderstood by the people that new hairs are artificial one but this is not the case.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is the procedure when the hair follicles are transferred from one part of the body to another part of the body. This is the one of the hair relocation surgery. The area where the follicles are moved called the donor area and it is moved to which area is called the recipient area. The donor area is usually the back and sides of the head. The recipient area is usually the top of the head. This is typically that area which is usually bald. The new hairs are usually not the new but these are the old hairs but in the new place. But this is real and growths of the hair follicles are normal. If the hairs are taken from the genetic resistant area of the hair loss, then the newly implanted hair will last forever.

How are the hair follicles extracted? FUE vs. FUT

There are the two methods that are provided by the hair transplant surgeons in order to extract hair follicles.

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): In this method, Individual hair follicles are removed one at a time. If this surgery is performed by the skilled surgeon, then scarring of the hair transplant is less detectable. This method is more expensive as compares to other FUT method. This takes more time as compared to other restoration methods.

  • FUT (Strip Harvesting): In this method, the strip of the scalp has been taken from the donor area. Then the extracted strip is divided into the different hair follicles. Then, it is transplanted into the recipient area. Then the donor area is then stitched together. This will leave the distinctive scar.

Hair transplant results

  • In the early days, grafts were known as the plugs. This name has come from the doll-like hairs. These are thick clumps of the hairs that are separated with the bigger bald area. That procedure was very much sophisticated.

  • But these days, the skilled surgeon will achieve the results with the different natural hair method. The FUE method helps the surgeon to extract the grafts from the most of the suited area. The hair density is not uniform across the entire scalp.

  • When the hair transplantation technique has been improved, then its results have been also improved. The expert surgeon will achieve the success rate of 95%. All the transplanted method gives the normal growth of the hairs.

  • But the outcome of the hair transplantation varies from surgeon to surgeon. There are large numbers of the substandard hair transplant surgeon that are out there. This is essential t enquire about the surgeon before going to the hair transplantation. You have to see the people saying online.

Hair transplant limitations

  • Hair transplantation will not stop hair falling. But the newly implanted hair will last forever. For instance, if you have lost your hair at the front and attained at the Norwood stage3. But you can reach the stage of the Nor wood 1 Hairline. If you are suffering from the Norwood % genetics, then you will leave the bald patch after the hair transplant also.

  • Donor capacity is also limit how many follicles, are to be transplanted at the time of the hair transplantation. If you are having the large donor area, then you have the excess amount of the grafts for use in the hair transplantation procedure. If the donor area is less, then you need to adjust your expectations for density to coverage.

  • If you are at the Norwood stage¬†7, then it would be very difficult to cover the large area. Your doctor has to maintain the reasonable level of density.

  • In the recent development, large donor hairs are needed to be harvested. But there are some surgeons who are the experiment with the hair transplantation.

Do hair transplants really work?

Yes, hair transplant is absolutely worked if it is performed by a skilled surgeon.

Good hair transplant always looks completely natural. The hairs grow normally. This will last for the long time period of life.

This is not the miracle cure. If you require the hair transplant in future, then we are here, to provide the best hair transplant in India and other areas of the world.

The current hair loss treatment methods are so effective in maintaining the hairs but not focus on the re-growing the hair. If you are amount to regain the large amount of the lost hair, then we are renowned to provide FUE Hair transplant in India and the large crowd is also taking benefit of this treatment from our centre.