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How To Avoid Scarring And Depletion In The Large Fue Sessions?

How To Avoid Scarring And Depletion In The Large Fue Sessions?

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The hair transplant industry has opened a new dimension with the new FUE technique. Punch grafting and micro-grafting are the terms of the past. Strip method is also considered to be the old-fashioned technique. HDC is the best technique that is taking the benefit of the correct exploitation of the donor area.

For the successful transplantation, three factors are required:

  • Natural result

  • Adequate coverage

  • Efficient use of the donor

Donor depletion in large FUE sessions:

  • This is the most important fact that your surgeon will cover the extensive baldness. In order to achieve the extensive hair growth, your surgeon will extract the significant percentage of the follicular units from the donor area. This is also including the less damage or depletion in the donor area. Your donor area will not look thinner.

  • Depleting of the donor area is itself an art. This requires the surgeon’s skill and expertise.

  • The secret behind the follicular units chosen is selected in the specific pattern so that there should not be any gap left for the scaring.

  • The extractions should be chosen in such a way that it considers the overall density of the donor area.

  • Your surgeon should be efficient enough that he can effectively calculate the ratio of the grafts to harvest. The main aim of the surgeon is to maximize harvesting by managing maximum numbers of the hair per graft. At the same time, it does not look thinner.

  • There are some surgeons who extract the increasing numbers of the grafts into single FUE session. This will lead to damage to the damage of the donor area. This is essential to plan the correct way of the grafting. Your surgeon will plan in such a way that he should extract 3000-3500 FUE grafts but according to the donor density. You can consult the best surgeon for the FUE hair transplant in India.

  • If the patient requires the large numbers of the grafts to cover the baldness, this will extract in the 2nd session. For instance, if there is the requirement of the patient to extract 5500 grafts, then it should be done in the 2 sessions. The difference between the two sessions would be 8 months.

  • The maximum amount of the grafting in one session should be 3500 grafts.

What are the various dangers associated with the depletion of the donor area?

  • This will also lead to the problem of the over-harvesting, damage to the donor area and there may be no chances of the further procedures.

  • Don’t go for the FUE treatment if the surgeon is unskilled. If your surgeon tries to extract the 4000 grafts, then he is the unskilled surgeon. You can only consult the best surgeon for the best hair transplant in India.

  • Sometimes punching is performed by the inexperienced technicians, then don’t go for this kind of the inexperienced technicians.

  • There may be cases has been that your surgeon needs to punch 6000 grafts but only punch 4000 grafts. This will result in more damage to the donor area.