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James Nesbitt’s Tale of a Hair Transplant. The star gets Candid!

James Nesbitt’s Tale of a Hair Transplant. The star gets Candid!

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It is now more vivid that every male with alopecia is more than welcome to transform his life with a hair transplant. Of course, no one could ever escape the chance of enjoying a refurbished appearance 9 months down the road.

As the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Mel Gibson, Jeremy Piven, Wayne Rooney, and Jude Law were still parading our list of the famous hair transplant, James Nesbitt, 53 years, has joined the craze and his definition of a hair transplant will certainly amaze you.

Here is what the star has to say about a hair transplant

  • Everyone Has Got it Wrong

Most fellows happen to explain a hair transplant procedure as a surgery where hair follicles are removed from one region of the scalp and glued to another.

Others say that hair is removed from another individual and then implanted in your head. And lastly, some say that hair is just reattached to the bald region.

Nesbitt’s Explanation- It is a surgical procedure a surgeon plucks at least 8, 000 hair follicles from the thick region ‘back of the scalp’ and you won’t regret it.

The hair is then one-by-one inserted towards the front scalp region. To him, the procedure is bloody, painful, and lasts for 20 hours.

  • It Incredibly Works

A number of fellows have no idea that a hair transplant really works. Therefore, it is only after undergoing the procedure that you finally get the answer. According to Nesbitt, for fellows like him, the procedure is a life changer. It restores individual confidence, self-esteem, and the locks which you had previously lost.

  • Having a Good Amount of Hair Doesn’t Mean Hairstyles Will Bend Low For You!

According to the star, there are obviously a few hairstyles that will suit every individual. For those who lose pounds eventually may face it hard to come up with a good hairstyle to complement their new body. In simple terms, having a good density doesn’t make you a hero because you have got your own portion as well.

  • You Will Notice Your League-mates

Perfumes are perfumes, but we must say that you will surely identify an individual who uses a perfume similar to yours. In the same way, it is quite easier to notice those individuals who had a hair transplant. There are many of them such as Wayne Rooney, Lewis Hamilton, and Jude Law among others.

To get back from James Nesbitt, a hair transplant is a modern weapon for eliminating alopecia. Men with androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness have highly benefited from the technique. In the real sense, a hair transplant is associated with individual experiences, determined by;

  • The selected hair transplant centre

  • The hair transplant surgeon

  • The surgeon’s experience and expertise

  • A patient’s level of hair loss

  • Related treatments among others

There are numerous grand benefits that an excellently performed hair transplant procedure can offer. A quality life thereafter is one of them.