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Hair Transplantation & What to Know About It!

Hair Transplantation & What to Know About It!

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Could sound funny, but extremely heartbreaking as the latest news surrounding us is all about a Hyderabad resident who underwent a hair transplant surgery only to lose the right eye at the end of the day. Known as Tariq Khusroo, he is currently traumatized after undergoing a hair transplant surgery at a hair transplant centre, only to bear the hard bite of his decision in the wee hours.

At the end of the surgery, Tariq explains that he returned home, only to witness unexpected complications that required him to be rushed to the hospital again. From there, he was examined only to be diagnosed with “Necrotizing fasciitis”, an infection that causes the destruction of the body’s soft tissue.

The infection had invaded the skin muscles of the scalp, eyelid and the eye and to make matters worse, he had breathing difficulties. Having managed to correct the breathing issue, the doctors, worked on saving Tariq” eyes, unfortunately, the right eyeball couldn’t be saved, hence its removal. At least 10 surgeries were performed on Tariq, yet he still had to remain at home and apart from that, he had to visit the hospital quite often.

Wake Up Call

Tariq’s incident is another of its own kind, though, in 2017, a young patient was lost after a hair transplant. Negligence is one of the major reasons as to why such saddening events occur. With the fact that a patient is unfamiliar with various medical considerations before treatment, and in this case a hair transplant procedure, the surgeon must take proper measures to examine and carry out various tests to confirm a patient’s eligibility.

Once a thorough medical examination was carried out, it turned that Tariq was diabetic, and even if the surgeon was informed about it, no measures were undertaken as per the patient’s condition.

Do you seek a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is an ultimate procedure to combat hair loss and genuinely baldness. The procedure has a lot of benefits to offer once conducted in an advanced centre and by a qualified hair transplant surgeon.

Having an MBBS isn’t the required qualification to perform a hair transplant surgery, therefore, this should be overlooked by patients and look at additional qualifications, experience, and the surgeon’s prominence.

What are the benefits of a professionally performed hair transplant surgery?

Though patients are generally interested in aesthetic results and ideally right, coming out of the surgery with no complications should be the main target. In case generally unhealthy, it is advisable to postpone the surgery or work it out as per the surgeon’s guidance.

  • Reversing baldness

  • Natural appearance

  • Efficacy

  • Boosting your self-esteem

All those among other factors are special benefits that hair transplant procedures offer. Patients are recommended to carry out a survey regarding the hair transplant centre and the surgeon to be sure of their safety.

Various advanced hair transplant procedures such as the robotic hair transplant approaches are conducted in advanced centres. Such approaches are safer, effective, and eliminate various chances for mistakes.