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Looking at Women Hair Country-Wise

Looking at Women Hair Country-Wise

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Women are generally envied because of their unique features (physically), but one feature that remains a major subject around the world is their HAIR. A common perception of hair remains globally and this will never be eroded; that being, hair as a source beauty, appreciation, completing a woman’s appearance.

Regardless of the color and ethnicity, hair is a treasure in 98% of women around the globe. Occasional hairstyles have been developed with time, taking a different route from the traditional hairstyles among all countries.

Hair in European Women

Europeans are fond of showcasing different types of hairstyle with some of them reaching an extent of trimming their hair to a level above their shoulders. Normally, European women love their curled or generally straight and short. European women normally have silky and soft hair, easy to wash and care for with less effort.

Hair in Indian Women

One thing we all know is that Indians love their hair and above all, they love their long and straight. Looking through the magazines, you will find most of them rocking their hair freely and straight, long enough as possible. However, we have celebrities like Kangana Ranaut, and Taapsee Pannu, who occasionally style their hair short. Looking at other female celebrities like Kiran Rao, Mandira Bedi, and Sayani Gupta who have prevailed with short hair, this is a general sign that most Indian women love their hair short.

All in all, Indian women are known for their thick and healthy hair worldwide. With the help of numerous oils like coconut, olive, among others, many are able to protect their hair from the harsh summers that last for at least 8 months annually.

Hair in African Women

Hair in African women generally differs from other women’s hair around the globe, Naturally, African hair is curly, hard, and at times thick. To obtain straight hair, one will have to apply chemicals in saloons where it is made soft and straight.

Unlike Egypt, Libya, and a part of Somalia, the rest of the African countries generally have short and curly hair. Women in Africa take more months before attaining long hair and, usually, they utilize artificial hair for various hairstyles.

Hair in American Women

They love their hair and it is extremely clear from famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Blake Lively among others. Unlike other women, American women aren’t scared to try out any hairstyle of their choice and that is why you will witness most of the rocking different hairstyles within a year.

However, within America, there are also black Americans with a similar hair texture like for Africans simply because their lineage takes its root from Africa.

Naturally, hair is a precious thing to all women and they completely strive for healthier hair each day. In the modern era, women desire to try out various hairstyles and thanks to the longer anagen phase that lasts for two to six years.

This phase dictates hair growth rate in all women and the longer the period, the longer one’s hair grows. A healthy lifestyle and a proper diet usually aid in hair growth.