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This is Why More Men Are Resorting to Hair Transplants

This is Why More Men Are Resorting to Hair Transplants

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Our checklist exclusively and certainly consists of an array of celebrities who have undergone hair transplantation in the past. However, celebrities are just a bunch of the many individuals who have utilized hair transplants to alter their appearance. It so happens that celebrities are inspired to undergo hair transplants by fellow celebrities, whereas a common man is also somehow inspired by celebrities to undergo the procedure.

Celebrities like Wayne Rooney, one of the remarkable football players in the world openly spoke about undergoing hair transplantation in 2011 having gone bald at a young age of 25. Having realized how a hair transplant can alter one’s life, the star returned to his surgeon for another hair transplant surgery.

Wayne Rooney is one of the many footballers or athletes who have turned to hair transplant for living a quality life. Stretching to the film industry, we can’t miss the likes of Robbie Williams, James Nesbitt, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Mel Gibson, and Jude Law, whose acting careers have largely blossomed because of the new looks they lastly attained from the hair transplant procedures.

Hair Transplants in Celebrities

First and foremost, celebrities are more likely to lose hair just like any other man triggered by genetics, stress, tiresome working schedules, illness, medications, among other factors.

A hair transplant is ideal in case one’s supply region is stable and the type of hair loss ascertained. Commonly, the FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) is performed since it leaves no traces of linear scars like the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation or strip).

Due to technology advancements, superior hair transplant techniques such as the micro unshaven-FUE (micro UFUE) procedure are being utilized for efficacy. The UFUE technique allows the surgeon to perform a hair transplant without shaving the scalp and it is extremely undetectable. The micro UFUE procedure is conducted under local anaesthesia and requires a micropunch of less than 1mm in diameter to extract hair follicles from the donor region. With this approach, up to 5,000 hairs can be harvested in a single procedure. Just like the original FUE procedure or FUT, the surgeon’s expertise and experience matters by maintaining an ideal distribution of hair follicles in the bald region, introducing hair in the right angles and depth in order to attain natural results.

How Are the Results?

FUE is generally known for its efficacy, with 85% of procedures resulting in natural results. This is basically because it utilizes superior surgical devices to extract and implant follicles in the bald region. The fact that no strips are required, the chances of scarring, bleeding, pain are minimized.

With the micro UFUE approach, a patient is able to observe the new hairline (outline) immediately after the procedure. For desired results, the right surgeon and the type of the technique utilized are crucial in achieving natural results.

Related hair loss/ non-surgical treatments such as Rogaine, Propecia, Saw Palmetto, and Platelet Rich Plasma are recommended as hair growth boosters in addition to an excellent hair care regime.