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A Precise Tale of Hair Transplants

A Precise Tale of Hair Transplants

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When it comes to cosmetic procedures, hair transplants are a new craze with an obvious practicability in hair transplant centres and in people. Is it androgenetic alopecia, thinning hair follicles, or want to volumize your beard, just head out for a hair transplant and taste its remarkable wonders.

To be precise, the era of hair transplantation began in 1897, when Menahem Hodara transferred hair follicles from an area of abundance to the bald region on a scalp. The practice has become more than welcome today as the victims of hair loss among all genders increase annually. The modern hair transplant approaches began in the 1950s in the USA where a strip of hair follicles was removed from the back of the scalp. Until now, the procedure has gained more popularity around the globe to the extent of being one of the topmost procedures performed in the cosmetic field.

What does a Hair Transplant Do?

A hair transplant utilizes one’s own hair to recover hair in the bald region. The procedure is obviously personal, and trust me, you won’t learn anything else when you meet an experienced surgeon for the surgery. The surgery requires a surgeon and his team to transfer hair follicles from the back of the head of sides and implant them in the tiny incisions made in the bald (recipient) region.

A quality hair transplant will certainly make you say goodbye to wigs, scalp pigmentation, stressful hair therapy procedures among others.

Obtaining Standard Results

Modern hair transplant procedures only aim at delivering natural results. The surgeon is also tasked to create a fuller appearance and eliminate all hair transplant traces. That is when the skills of a hair transplant surgeon will eliminate doll-like appearances.

Currently, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is considered the best hair transplant approach with the fact that it minimizes hair transplant scars. Via individual graft extraction using pointed instruments known as micropunches, a patient is left with invisible scars and minor wounds. These heal within a few days and the post-operative period is completely friendly. Men and women are candidates as long as their thinning or bald levels fall within a treatable range.

Meanwhile, the FUT technique (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is another hair transplant approach where a surgeon utilizes a blade to cut a strip of hair follicles from the back of the scalp. The strip is dissected under a microscope to attain individual hair follicles that are implanted in the tiny incisions made in the bald region.

This approach is commonly utilized in case a patient has an extreme level of baldness. The procedure requires sutures and leaves a linear scar, however, latest FUT approaches are excellent at hiding the scar.

Natural results, a fuller head, neatly formed hairlines are a product of contemporary hair transplant approaches.