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The 10 Major Causes of Hair Loss in Women

The 10 Major Causes of Hair Loss in Women

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As though hair loss never existed, men and women would have lived to celebrate life without worrying about baldness. In reality, hair loss is spearheaded by a number of factors that even can’t be ascertained initially. It just happens, but if not careful, it may leave you bald within a year.

When normal becomes too much!

It’s normal to lose 50 to 90 strands a day, but when the rate of hair fall or the number increases, please try to consult a hair specialist. Some hair loss causes can be corrected in the shortest time possible to prevent drastic hair loss. Here are the leading causes of hair loss in women;

  1. Genes or hereditary

Just like male pattern baldness, a woman may also inherit female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) a type of hair loss that is passed on through blood. Unless a woman identifies the existence of androgenetic alopecia and gets vaccinated to prevent, this may lead to drastic hair loss in women and even lead to baldness.

2. Anemia (Iron Deficiency)

Women can easily loose blood through the monthly menstrual period, in case of an abortion, accident or other cases. Approximately 21% of women with hair loss are anemia sufferers.

Fortunately, the problem can be corrected by attaining the right treatment after a blood test. Certain anemia symptoms include; dizziness, headaches, fatigue, cold feet and hands, and decreased productivity since there is a reduction in the red blood cells that carry oxygen to the different parts of the body.

3. Telogen Effluvium

Fortunately, this a reversible condition where a woman experiences temporary thinning of hair on the top of the scalp. The telogen phase (resting) is a phase of the hair cycle, but an extended period may result in thinning and shedding of hair. Pregnancy and emotional or psychological stress are blamed for this type of hair loss

4. Aging

It isn’t surprising that you are aged 55 or 60 and you are shedding hair. Hair thinning is one of the earliest occurrences in aging women since the tissues, cells, and organs begin diminishing and so their functions.

Age-triggered hair loss occurs differently with a fact that some may lose too much hair in the short time while others may take more time to experience it

5. Autoimmune issues (Alopecia Areata)

Alopecia areata commonly affects men, but the same may occur in women. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune triggered issue where the immune system begins attacking its system, leading to circular bald portions in the scalp. Alopecia areata isn’t mostly treated with a hair transplant in India, while in the early stage

6. Hypothyroidism

Women who suffer from a thyroid disease are at a greater risk of experiencing hair loss. Too much or too little of the hormone will make you lose hair. A test is recommended to ascertain whether a woman suffers from hypothyroidism

7. Over styling the hair

Exposing your hair to too much heat emitted by hair straighteners and hair stylers weaken your follicular units with time leading to hair loss. Take hair loss preventive measures to avoid hair breakage

8. Braiding

Braiding of hair is commonly performed by the Africans, much as even others braid hair for different reasons. If not careful, prolonged and tightened braiding may leave no hair on the frontal region of your scalp


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition where a woman’s hormones are out of balance. PCOS is characterized by a number of issues such as insulin resistance, acne, anovulation, body hair growth among others.

The cysts can easily be treated by controlling sugar levels and diet to prevent infertility

10. Lupus

This is a chronic autoimmune disease characterized by fever, fatigue, kidney problems, pulmonary issues among others. It is generally a skin inflammation.