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Want to Boost Your Confidence With a Hair Transplant in India?

Want to Boost Your Confidence With a Hair Transplant in India?

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Each person has his or her own tale of a hair transplant since the cosmetic procedure is extremely personal. However, the general fact widely known about a hair transplant is its remarkable ability to restore natural hair and alter one’s appearance. An artistically performed hair transplant procedure will forever remain undetectable giving you a sense of worth and esteem.

Since the procedure is the only way to combat extreme levels of hair loss or baldness, Metro hair transplant centre presents you with an opportunity this summer to get a hair transplant at only Rs. 60, 000. With this amount, up to 4000 grafts are extracted and implanted by our hair transplant specialist Dr J. P. Walia in a state of the art centre. There are no additional costs involved with this package, but in case you desire to have a hair transplant that requires more grafts, try to consult our hair transplant surgeon.

Our standardized hair transplant procedures are meticulously performed to minimise scarring, bleeding and as well as complications during and after the surgery. With an experienced team of physicians and nurses, you are certainly safe in our hands throughout the entire hair transplant course. We also provide effective pre and post surgery instructions to facilitate genuine results within a year.

What to Do!

Simply meet our hair transplant specialist for a consultation during the working hours. You can also contact us via Metro hair transplant centre by filling in the form provided or calling us at +91-79731-84269.