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When Celebrities Go Bald, What Do They Do

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There was a time when these celebrity males had faced crowned scalp problems.  Their crowns were seemed to affect their personality so that had chosen hair transplant to regain their attractive look.

  1. Sourav Ganguly – Ex- Indian Cricket team captain Sourav is popular for his messy and dense hairs. Although when he first experienced significant baldness in the center of his head in 2000s, he immediately decided to go with hair transplant procedure. Thanks to Hair transplant that he didn’t face any patched thereafter.
  2. David Beckham- Ex-British footballer who had faced hair loss problems for about ten years, but he handled his unique hairstyles to hide the bald area. He used different hairstyles until getting the excellent idea. The hair transplant has enabled him to get super fluffy hairs like his super wife Victoria Beckham.
  3. Shane Warne- The popular spinner, Shane Warne has also lost his more than half hairs so he chose to go with hair transplants. Unlike to the time when he retired from the international cricket, if you see his recent picture, you will find his head fully hair covered.

So we can see that how celebrities find a way to handle the unanticipated situation particularly when everyone watches them. In the modern time when media is terribly active, the celebrities cannot even hide a topic of going bald. The demand of their better look and personality is driving them to choose hair transplant that is a tempting procedure to reverse the hair loss.

Afterall celebrities are also like a common man, who can experience any kind of problem, hair loss is one of them. Most of the celebrities are adopting the surgical hair transplant procedure because they well understand the important of their looks in their careers.

The commonly used transplant procedure is FUE that is nominally invasive. The best benefits of this procedure are quick healing and no apparent scars unlike to FUT. So if you also notice a significant hair fall in the daily life, think about and if possible, choose FUE hair transplant procedure that will change your look totally.