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It is possible today to root out the problem of hair loss today due to advancements in the field of cosmetic field. Pioneered techniques of cosmetic surgery field have contributed significantly to cure the baldness problem of people for life time. These techniques have magical effects that correct the baldness from the roots and burst out the worries of people caused by this problem.

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Who is ideal candidate for hair transplant in Ambala?

However transplantation of hair is suitable for all candidates including men or women of any age but there are few things that are considered while selecting the ideal candidate for this treatment

  • Patients of age 30s-40s are ideal candidates for this procedure as during the age patients have responsive scalp that revert positively to the transplanted follicles and accept them but even advancements have made it possible in early age and later age to restore hair
  • Patient must have good health before the surgeries as good health can lead to balanced circulation of blood and quick healing of scalp after surgery
  • Ideal candidate is considered on the basis the laxity of scalp as the patients with more laxity of scalp can be best for FUT treatment
  • Candidate must have controlled level of hair loss as if the person would have the progressive hair loss problem then it can create problem in future and candidate will have to take re transplantation after some time.
  • Person should have positive medical history means he should not have any contradictions from some medicines especially that are to be used for treatment
  • Person must have realistic expectations for the results that can be achieved after surgery.

If you have passed the text of all above points it means you are good candidate for hair transplant and even you may ask for free consultation from our experts to rake right decision.

What are techniques for hair treatment In Haryana?

For restoring hair with surgical methods basically there are two methods

  1. FUT method

It is traditional method for restoring the hair in which Dr Walia extract the strip of hair follicles from the back head as per selected donor area. Then the follicles are divided in the small groups of grafts and transplanted in bald areas. This method is quite simple and even best for covering large area at one time.


  1. FUE method

Follicular extraction method is advanced and preferred method for curing baldness as in this method highly magnificent tools are used to extract the individual hair follicles either from scalp or from body parts in case of person having insufficient follicles at scalp. Then these follicles are preserved in concentrated solution to ensure the regular supply of moisture, oxygen and nutrient. Then these donor follicles are transplanted one by one by considering the depth, direction and angle of hair follicles to give the exact match to person.

Risks and Results

This entire procedure is done under the local anesthesia so the patient does not feel any pain and discomfort during the procedure after the surgery patient can feel mild swelling and redness in the scalp but it normal and gets healed within 2-3 days after that patient can get back to his works as normal. This procedure is totally risk free.

We try to give quality results with compretitive less cost of hair transplant in Haryana. Patients can see their hair growing after 90 days of surgery then the actual results can be seen within the surgical year.

MHTC specialties

We offer the treatment at reasonable cost with the world class results and even innovative techniques are used for treatment so that utmost satisfaction can be delivered along with value to world to the patients.

If you are from Punjab and dont want to visit  Haryana than Hair Transplant In Jalandhar is one of the best option for you. Visit our Jalandhar centre